Festival Hacks to Make Music Festivals More Fun

Festival hacks can make music festivals a lot more fun. Whether you’re looking to save money, avoid hangovers, or just keep things tidy – there are tons of hacks you can try.Asphalt Paving

Wellies are the perfect footwear for any festivalgoer looking to wade through muddy puddles and enjoy precious time with friends/family. They’re easy to clean and can be stored away during the day.

Also known as gumboots or galoshes, Wellies were once considered more practical than fashionable, but thanks to fashion-forward festival-goers like Moss and the rise of grunge culture in Britain, they’ve become a style staple. Now you can find them in a huge range of colours and patterns, from rainbow-striped to houndstooth or animal print.

When choosing a pair of wellies, make sure they are easy to clean so that you can keep them in good condition over the course of your trip. These Mountain Warehouse neoprene Mucker casual men’s wellies are ideal for the job, and at only £24.99 are a bargain!


Festival season is a wonderful time when music lovers gather in expansive outdoor spaces to see their favorite bands and dance the day (and night) away. However, navigating a goliath music event can be a bit of a minefield. Here are some festival hacks that can make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Whether it’s to keep your backpack zippers secure or to create a makeshift clothesline for quick drying, tape can be a life-saver at a music festival. Use it to lock tent zippers together for extra security, or affix carabiners onto your bag’s main zippers to add an extra layer of protection against thieves. You can also use it to keep things like water bottles, festival maps and small accessories within easy reach without rummaging through your backpack.


Music festivals are a fantastic way to see your favourite bands in expansive outdoor spaces. But going to a glitzy event doesn’t come without its challenges. From gross recycled air and sneeze-inducing surfaces to the notorious festival toilet queue, a few well-placed hacks can help you get the most out of your time at a music extravaganza.

A first aid kit might seem like a boringly responsible thing to pack, but it can save the day if you end up with a little accident. Things like Berocca (which is known for turning your urine a deep yellow colour, but is totally harmless), antihistamine cream and paracetamol can all be super helpful.

Fizzy and refreshing, Berocca boosts your energy with caffeine, guarana – a rainforest berry – and B vitamins to help you convert food into fuel. It’s also sugar free, so it’s the perfect pick-me-up for any music fan.

Watering Can

Music festival season is a fun and exciting time for avid concert goers. Whether you’re a seasoned Coachella camper or this is your first trip to Glastonbury, it’s important to arrive prepared with a few festival hacks that can make the experience a little bit easier.

A watering can is an essential camping item that allows you to water your plants without having to bring a heavy container of water with you. The ideal watering can should be a sturdy and long-lasting material like copper, stainless steel, tin, or galvanized metal. Plastic designs are also an option and tend to be less prone to rusting when left outdoors. Watering cans with adjustable nozzles are also great for customizing the water flow and deterring any unwanted critters from getting into your campsite. Some styles also have attached carabiners that allow you to use them as a makeshift clothesline.

Portable Stool

Whether you’re a seasoned Coachella or Download festival goer or it’s your first time at Glastonbury, Roskilde, or any of the other music festivals around the world, there are always tips, tricks and hacks to make it easier to have an enjoyable experience.

One of the more useful hacks to keep in mind is a portable folding stool. These handy stools are small, lightweight and compact when folded which makes them easy to stow in your bag or rucksack for use during the day. Some stools are even designed to clip onto the outside of your backpack during longer hiking trips. However, it’s important to choose the right type of stool for your intended purpose. For example, if you want a camping stool then look for one that’s comfortable for extended periods of sitting and is stable.

Bin Bags

Bin bags may not seem like the most exciting addition to your festival checklist but they are one of the most useful accessories you will take with you. They are used for many different things, from storing dirty and wet clothes to creating a makeshift poncho in case of rain.

They can also be a great way to control waste at festivals, as it stops people throwing empty plastic cups, food packaging and paper plates everywhere. To find out what size sack you need, measure the circumference of your bin – the length all the way around the rim – and divide by two. Add 20% onto this number to allow for an overhang and easy tying. This will ensure the bag fits snugly over your bin. A good fit will prevent it from falling inside or ripping when you carry it around the site.

Frozen Water Bottles

Festival season is a great time to embrace your inner child and indulge in some fun with a variety of different activities. Whether you are a seasoned music festival camper or a total novice, it is important to arrive prepared with some essential tips and hacks to make the most of your camping experience.

Frozen water bottles are one of the best and underrated cooler hacks to make your festival camping experience more comfortable. They take longer to melt than ice cubes so they help keep your food and drinks chilled for longer periods of time.

They can also be used as a cold compress to help alleviate pain from headaches, migraines, or sinusitis. Simply roll a frozen bottle across your neck, shoulders or back for quick relief. This is a great way to demonstrate how water expands when it freezes.

Solar Power Banks

There’s nothing worse than watching your phone battery run out during a festival, especially when the queues at charging stations are colossal. A solar power bank harnesses the power of the sun so you never have to worry about running out of charge at your next event. Some of the best ones also come with wireless charging and built-in flashlights.

Another great tip is to bring zip ties and use them to secure your tent zippers, a quick and easy way to deter thieves. Alternatively, use them to create a makeshift clothesline to hang wet clothing or towels for quick drying. This will keep your camping area clean and organised. It will also make it much easier to find your stuff if you need something quickly. You can even use them to lock your backpack if you’re worried about it being stolen.

Portable Chargers

Long gone are the days of Nokia 3310 phones lasting a whole festival on one charge, smartphones these days have to be charged regularly at festivals. Charging points are available at some festivals but these can be in high demand with tens, or even hundreds of thousands of people attending the event. You may have to wait or you could have to leave your phone in a locker to charge, meaning that you risk missing that perfect Instagram shot or important call home.

Taking your own power bank to the event means that you can recharge on your own time and avoid the need for the lockers or charging points. Look for a power bank that features a high capacity battery so that you can keep your phone and other devices fully charged at all times.

Toilet Queue

Festival organisers need to be more proactive in providing adequate toilet provision for their event goers. In addition to ensuring the portable toilets are empty and clean enough, they should also provide site maps or guides that direct people away from crowded toilets and a few meters further down the line where there may be more available and shorter queues.

Hopefully some of these handy hacks will help you stay festival-ready this summer. Even the most seasoned festival-goers can benefit from some clever tips, tricks and lifesavers that can help make their weekend away a lot less stressful. And who doesn’t want that? So, happy festival-going! And don’t forget to tune into Radio X for all the latest music, news and live action.